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Kudos®: New product for growth control in apples (april 2019)

Kudos (reg. no. 544-7) has been approved for use in apples with the purpose to reduce the vegetative growth of spring shoots. Kudos benefits from cutting edge technology – in the form of a soluble and quick dissolving granule.

Fungazil TM 100 changes name to Diabolo (august 2018)

The namechange is due to a wish for uniformity in EU countries where the product is marketed. Diabolo has the registration number: 631-8 Potential stocks of Fungazil 100 can be used until 29/12 2019.

Configure ( 544-5), Oct. 2017)

Configure can be regarded as the successor to Cillus BA-6, which lost approval in 2015. Configure was approved early autumn 2016 for use in greenhouses in Schlumbergera, Phalaenopsis and Sempervivum. The approval applies only applies these three cultures, but it is expected that there will be applied for a wide approval for minor use in ornamental plants in greenhouses. Configure has been tested extensively in a number of years up to the approval.

Approval of Configure for minor use in ornamental plants in greenhouses. (7. April 2017)

Use recommendation (in Danish) ”Brugsanvisning til mindre anvendelse”