As a user of crop protection products, it is very important to be aware of the responsibilities one have. Knowledge about risk factors and implications are part of environmental and health assessments for responsible use of plant protection products.

The agrochemical industry has acceded to international standards of conduct for the distribution and use of plant protection products, why it works from defined ethical standards.

On the user side, it is extremely important to be aware of the many demands on correct storage, filling and application and correct disposal of product leftovers and on the disposal of used packaging. Not least, one have to be extremely aware if the product may still be held on the farm and still is approved for the actual use.

Close collaboration between research, advisory services and practice form the basis of new and better plant protection products that can contribute to increased safety as well as increased production in agriculture, forestry, fruit growing and horticulture.

All employees at CILLUS A/S have many years of experience with crop protection products, their effect and application.

Technical service includes publications during the season, information and advice.

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